Thursday, July 13, 2006

Mid week funnies - a day late

Sorry this is late! Please enjoy our weekly collection of editorial cartoons from around the nation. I actually wind up catching up on quite a few non-financial news stories in the process of collecting these.

In Palestine and Lebanon, the complications of allowing terrorist organizations to assume a role in governing has come home to roost...

Although sometimes it can be hard to feel sorry for Israel when they throw their weight around...

Meanwhile in Afghanistan, the Taliban are gathering forces again.

In NY and two other states, courts have begun to strike down provisions allowing for gay marriages.

Meanwhile the Bush Admininstration is still upset with the way things are being reported... like almost every other administration ever.

The supreme court, even with its new tendency toward the right, finally clarified that the Bush administration has indeed been violating the rules on the Gitmo detainees for years. Immediately the administration got behind the Geneva convention and made that the formal policy line.
However, other pockets of odd behavior still exist....
In Asia, North Korea demonstrated that no amount of mass starvation can prevent them from spending massive amounts of money on saber-rattling missile launches. In case you hadn't heard: the new long range missile failed almost immediately after launch.

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