Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Mid Week Funnies

Judging by the pageloads, the Mid Week Funnies are turning out to be a major hit. I'm glad people like these, but of course I still take no responsibility for them. Also make sure to check out the ne LIVE FINANCIAL NEWS as it updates throughout the day.

Domestic spying has remained a fertile field for humor and argument.

Meanwhile many people are wondering how the Republicans might be affected by the war in the next elections.
George Bush made sure to pay a visit to Iraq to visit the new unity government....
... while right next door Iran seemed to be purposefully tweaking the President's nose.
A new survey showed that most people would be unwilling to vote for Hillary Clinton in 2008.
And the continuing issues of government intrusion prompted some to wonder which laws still held sway.
Meanwhile, the recently realigned Supreme Court made a ruling that dramatically reduced the protection of America wetlands.
And Bill Gates, whose charitable foundation was already the largest in the world BEFORE Warren Buffett agreed to enlarge it with most of his money, decided to resign from Microsoft to focus on charity.
Connie Chung gave a farewell performance that was truly bizarre and sure to be a Trivial Pursuit question of the future. If you missed it, check here for the farewell and many parodies of it.
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