Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Mid Week Funnies

Once again its time for the mid-week rundown of last weeks editorial cartoons. As always, these are not my sentiments, just a way of keeping track of the media buzz.

Republican politicians have now spent about two weeks in congress and senate arguing about video games, gay marriage, and the flag while some think other issues are more pressing...
The New York Times disclosed a financial spying program and was roundly criticized by the administration.
Meanwhile, SenatorRick Santorum boasted about a batch of chemical weapons found in Iraq, although the defense department report actually said that the WMD were clearly from before the first Iraq war and were nonfunctional. The Republicans appear to be re-using their strategy from the last elections (everybody remember how flag burning last came up?). The Democrats seem to lack direction, though, so it may just work.
Recent events have further emphasized the constitutional stretching of the current administration...

Congress failed to raise the minimum wage, which has been $5.15 for nine years now. Meanwhile Congress has never missed an opportunity to give itself a raise. One might think that the minimum wage issue could be combined with some of the others to make a good issue for Democrats to seize on, but the left seems not to have grabbed the discussion.
The recent spate of heinous weather patterns continues...
And the US, after early elimination in the world cup, continues to have few things to brag about in the international community.
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