Thursday, June 01, 2006

Finance Wonk Stock BUY list

          Here at the Finance Wonk I buy a position in every stock I issue a BUY rating on and hold it until I report that I'm selling. This gives me a strong motivation to provide updated analysis as more data comes in and as the economic situation changes.

          First year review of results - my picks beat the market by 7 to 11% depending on metrics!

          All the stocks here were called BUYs for mid-to-long term growth prospects so if they rise a little bit it verifies our analysis and should not scare you off from investing. If the stock is already up 30% or more from the call, you may want to post a suggestion for a reanalysis

          • Rising Rates Opportunity Fund ETF - RRPIX - BUY called at $22.25
          • ---Called : April 28th, 2006
          • ---Sold: August 25th, 2006 at 21.54
          • ---Goal: hedging against inflationary pressures. Provided that hedge but turned out not to be needed as economy began to soften without major inflation. 3% loss.
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