Thursday, December 14, 2006

Friday Tech Files

It is rapidly becoming time for holiday gift giving. Stop reading blogs and go buy something outside the norm for that hard-to-shop for someone! To get you started, a couple fun things:


This, good readers, is the 7-inch long Pico Z X-Rotor (not a typo) from Radio Shack. At $40 it's clearly intended as a kids toy but I can hear the cubicle warriors of the world wishing for them right now. They even come with three control channels so you and two buddies can have aerial helicopter dogfights in the cafeteria! You know everyone will be jealous! I suggest you buy some spraypaint to so you can "pimp" them (and tell them apart). Good news: they come with spare rotors in case of collisions. Here's a link: Silverlit PicooZ RC Micro Helicopter


It looks like a backpack and works like a backpack, but it's really the hippest new ipod accessory for the school-going types. The Nike C.O.R.E. Audio iPod backpack fits an ipod safely inside away from harm while providing controls in the shoulder strap and a connector for headphones. There's also a padded laptop compartment and a ready-access organizer for mobile phones or PDAs. Priced at $40, it's a quick way to seem cool to the teens on your list. This should be a link to that item: Nike C.O.R.E. Large Backpack


Some other hot items this christmas (you'll note I love linking to Amazon, it saves me all sorts of time :) )

The JVC HANC80 Folding Noise Cancelling Headphone for those who like to block out the outside world.

LEGO Mindstorms Robotic Invention 2.0 for that nephew or son who is a total robot/computer lover.

And for those who can't stand toys but still love computers, the Logitech MX Revolution Cordless Laser Mouse is taking the computer world by storm. The free wheel scroller and solid feel along with coherent light source make it miles above an ordinary mouse. I've used them and they're great. The only reason I don't have one myself is that I actually use the computer so much I'm ambi, I actually switch my mouse left to right handed every few hours to ease up on my wrists. One thing this mouse ISN'T is hand switchable.
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