Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Reading for the day

Things are slowing down around here as Xmas approaches.

Henry Blodget likes Google’s new option program. “If anyone has figured out the drawbacks of Google’s new transferable option plan, please weigh in, because at first glance it looks like a win all around,” he writes on his blog.

George Gutowski, the Financial Skeptic, is a bit pessimistic on Goldman Sachs, hard as it may be. “Goldman Sachs has been like a really great party, no one wants to go home. We all think we want another round of drinks. But the stock is trading close to its 52 week high. The results are really good but how do they continue at this torrid pace?” Mr. Gutowski writes that the “short interest spiked from just under 2.25% to just under 3.00% in mid Oct, before settling down to just over 2.25% in mid Nov. Momentum maybe is weakening.”

Other fun financial blogs to add to your Bookmarks:
Finally let me suggest everyone read through the Finance Wonk Buy list and check out the analysis. I wrote them and I still go back to them for interesting walthroughs. Any comments you leave on any analysis gets sent straight to me and you might get named a Wonk of the Day if you come up with something clever. Feel free to put that on your resume :)

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