Thursday, December 07, 2006

Fun Tech Files for the Weekend

Tech files on fridays have been seeing a lot more reading than when I put them on Tuesday for some reason so who am I to fight it? (Although I did like the alliteration in "Tech Tuesdays")

== The VM Flybook ==

The name may be a bit silly but I want this laptop!! The positioning would be so much more convenient either at a desk or on a plane. I almost can't imagine how nice it would be to actually be able to see my screen when the guy ahead of me inevitably reclines.

This product is from Dialogue, a neat little upstart Taiwanese company that's had a number of firsts in laptop design recently. A team to watch. Photos of the laptop open on a plane.

== Smell-vertising ==

For years advertising has been about getting attention. Recent innovations have included assvertising, that's putting advertising on attractive people's rear ends, and bumvertising, or having homeless vagrants hold up your message. Just when it seemed it couldn't get any stranger Madison avenue trotted out smellvertising. The image above is from a bus station in San Francisco, CA where the panel to the left emits a dense "fresh baked cookies" smell to make people think about milk.

The basic idea isn't all that bad. Smell is well known as the sense having the strongest tie to memory. Perhaps that's one of the things that led to so many complaints the city took them down. Or perhaps it was the added humiliation of arriving at work on the bus AND smelling like cookies.

== Quick: name this item ==

While we're talking about advertising, quick, come up with your best name for the toaster shown above. Bread rolls in from one side and toast comes out the other. It's the... Rollertoaster! It's still just a prototype, and perhaps justly so. It seems like it would require a lot of handling and leave you with toast cold at one end. Think of the advantage though: you could toast bread of arbitrary length!

And with that, I bid you good weekend...

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