Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Mid-week funnies

Time for our weekly review of non-financial news in the form of... editorial cartoons!


The big news in the US is, of course, the elections! Voters turned in a stunning rebuke to power-holding Republicans by handing both the House and Senate to Democrats in one of the strongest power shifts in recent memory.

I have an endless supply of election related cartoons, but other things were in the news as well. Were you aware that restricting calorie intake (by 30% from medium intake) can lead to longer lifespan? Well it appears from tests in rats that the same metabolic change can be triggered by a chemical in red wine. Before you go out and tip back the vino, however, be warned a human would have to drink 200 glasses of red wine a day to get equivalent dosage.... so bring a designated driver.

One odd drumbeat working against the Republicans this election season was that it seemed like every time you turned around a powerful conservative was outed as a homosexual hypocrite.

And of course people are already preparing for the next election season....

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