Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Tech Files - Silly stuff today

A company called Cheoptics has revealed a nifty "3D" display system. The images are not true 3D (in that you don't see the back of the object if you go around back) but they do appear to float in midair and are visible from all sides. A video you can see at this link shows that as you move around the image does appear to be in the middle of the pyramid, though, and the system will probably be showing up at tradeshows in the immediate future.

The technology is pretty basic, the image is actually reflected off the glass and the pyramid shape is what is needed so that the image appears to be in the same location from all angles. One could, however, put a different image on each side. Then if you spun it and timed the images right you could generate a rotoscope (because all the images appear to be in the same place) with a slightly different image from each angle and maybe get a convincing 3D image.... I wonder if the inventors have thought of that one :)


The Abacus Watch has a neat tick. The time indicator is a little ball (seen above as silver) that floats in a liquid behind the watch lens and slowly moves around the watch telling the time. It's not exactly sweep-second precise but the effect is pretty spooky, especially when you tap it and knock the ball around until it drifts back into place.

Have a fun weekend, and invest well!

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