Thursday, October 05, 2006

Update and Tech Files

The Dow has been setting some nice milestones recently, and the FW portfolio has been doing quite well. With rates going up and possible inflation on the horizon companies with solid financials and a good market position are in a healthy place, and that's what we invest in here.


Tech Files

The "Black Box" is another of those "concept" phones that may or may not ever get made but makes you drool to look at it. The whole front is a touchscreen so it adapts to whatever task you choose. The images (which should get larger if you click on them) shows a general layout on the left and some setups for calculator, music, etc.

A neat little demo, although the trick would be making one that works as good as it looks. Device made by BenQ.


JVC has released a 110 inch HDTV, supposedly the worlds largest. It's not a flatscreen, but a rear projection display, but at almost 10 feet across at the diagonal and has the screen area to take full advantage of all those HDTV pixels. I want one :)

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