Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Mid-week funnies

And now for our weekly swing through current events as seen through editorial comics from around the US.


The Pope may have been indiscrete to make comments about the violence of the Islamist movement, but the response was even crazier. In numerous middle-eastern countries Islamist groups attacked churches "to protest the portrayal of Muslims as violent." At some point the Islamists are going to have to learn that everyone makes disparaging remarks about everone else in a free culture. That's the only way problems really get spotted.

The White House surprised only a few people with his belated admission that the CIA had been using inappropriate questioning techniques.

ABC's special "The Road to 9/11" attracted few viewers, which is probably a good thing since it turned out to be wildly inaccurate -- according to history professors who reviewed it carefully. I didn't personally watch it, but the aggregate opinion seems to be that it was poorly done.

Some political hacks seem to think that the recent drop in gas prices right before an election is a Republican political plot. I think that gives them too much credit.
A recent study found a correlation between light drinking and higher incomes. The study authors generally think that the causation link runs from having money and free time into drinking, but imagine if the opposite were true...

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