Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Mid week funnies

Sorry I missed a post monday night, work travel kept me away from computer access. It may happen again wed or it may not.

The recent compromise between the white house and the senate on torture is woefully vague. The administration can't keep using torture, except when it decides not to pretend it isn't using torture...

Meanwhile, for those who missed it, Pakistan struck a deal with the rural regions in which most people think Bin Laden is hiding. They get to keep out the military and a certain amount of self-rule in return for stating that "foreign fighters are not welcome." Sadly it appears to be the best that Pakistan can do, since they don't have the popular support or the military force to force the border regions to follow rule of law. Diplomats hope this step will pull those regions closer to the government.

A recent report from America's intelligence services concluded the Iraq war has probably drawn more people into terrorism.

Recent hijinks in the Senate and Congress have pushed both houses to new lows in public approval.
This comic may be accurate but it isn't a republican thing, it's just a government thing. I've worked alongside the government before and it took years for me to appreciate how deeply most people in government just don't care about what the right thing to do is. Nepotism and cronyism is practically a sport in government and government contracting.

I actually applaud Wal-mart's plan to offer $4 drugs. They are providing a service by using their leverage to get low prices and then taking a loss to draw in customers. Finally we see a little competitive spirit in the retail pharmacy business.

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