Friday, May 12, 2006

An Unexpected neat thing for Nokia!

I wish I could claim to have known this was coming...

In the high tech press there has long been speculation as to what Google [GOOG] was up to with its large stash of cash. Some people noticed when Google bought huge amounts of backbone network capacity. Others noted Google was working with WiFi companies and, in fact, Google was part of the team that recently won the contract to blanket the San Francisco area with free WiFi.

So of course the conspiracy theorists put these together and figured Google might introduce a mobile communications system where people would use mobile net devices to place calls using Google Talk, the Google version of Skype (for making voice calls over the internet). This would also give people a mobile connection to Google for accessing search and viewing location based content and advertising.

Most people thought it would be neat and potentially market shaking, but wasn't likely to happen. The implications of open war on the cellular service providers would be huge.

In an announcement today Google and Nokia [NOK] announced together that Google is launching this mobile internet based service and that Nokia will make the phones, which initially will be based on an upgrade to the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet.

I have a BUY on Nokia here at the Finance Wonk, and if you go to the analysis and rating you can work through exactly how the growth was figured. No disruptive new markets need to happen for Nokia to be a buy but it was noted that Nokia is in a very good position to exploit a number of new markets. This new development can only help, Nokia will now be selling to both sides in any standards war. Nokia will be in prime position to take advantage of any shift in the technology of the cell phone market. I don't know how long it might take for WiFi to take over, given current bandwidth limits it could be a while, but I think this is an excellent strategic and technology move for Nokia.

I actually like Google software, just not the stock... I'm adding a limited time link for a free Google Software pack at the bottom of the page. (You can add Google Talk to it on the first page if you scroll down.)
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