Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Mid week funnies

Time for our very popular weekly review of non-financial news in the form of editorial cartoons!


The tide seems to have turned against the Bush Whitehouse spin machine on Iraq. People are asking a lot of embarrasing questions and the polls are indicating the matter could hit the Republicans hard on election day.

The president has allowed a commision on Iraq to form in response to the criticism......but many people are concerned his newfound seriousness may just be politically motivated.
The economic outcome of years of taxcuts? Ever more indebtedness to Asia in general, mostly China. (Of course, debate rages as to whether that's a really bad thing or not.)
Senator Barack Obama of Illinois has become something of a "whisper candidate" for the Democrats. Could he be in line for a run at the presidency? It will be a while before we know.

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