Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Mid Week Funnies

As always, these editorial cartoons from the previous week do not represent my views, but provide some insight into topics shaping the public discourse. I post here in an attempt to keep up with the times.

Some people have been questioning the Republican priorities in their efforts to eliminate the estate tax (which now looks like it will be phased out up to the first $5 million).

In general the Bush Administration has been seen as perhaps a bit too friendly to business and the upper class.
Meanwhile some of the topics the Republicans are trotting out for the upcoming elections seem to be far from the most important issues that Washington should be worrying about...
And the new book by Ann Coulter has been roundly considered so aggressive as to be nearly rabid!
Links to Ann Coulter's books and some of their enemies (I personally haven't read any of these yet, if you have, let me know what the fuss is about):

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