Thursday, March 08, 2007

Friday tech files

== Yacht / submarine combo special==
The image above is the Proteus, a fully submersible yacht/submarine combination. It has seating toward the rear for 14 passengers that is exposed, so that's where you seat the divers before submerging. Meanwhile 8 people can sit in the pressurized dry cabin to watch the action.

The link will send you to a place to buy this baby if you have the disposable income, but keep in mind you will not have the biggest sub in the marina. Oh no.. keep reading.

More established private submarine player U.S. Subamarines offers the Phoenix 1000. 213 feet long, the Phoenix 1000 has 5000 square feet of interior space, the luxury of a live-aboard mega-yacht, and can dive to 300 meters for those days when you just decide you don't want to deal with customs!

(click photo for larger image)

Perhaps most cool about such a craft is the amazing versatility. You would never fear a storm again, it's sure to be calm a few hundred feet below the surface after all.

Price and availability: built to request, price is only $78 million :)

If you prefer something more utilitarian you can get a used 48 passenger tourist submarine for about $2 million.

If that's still too much maybe you should consider a small two person fun-sub.

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