Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Mid Week Funnies

Before we start our weekly review of news in editorial cartoons from around the nation I want to emphasize my call yesterday (and last friday) to take a defensive position in the market. I have held onto the stocks from the Finance Wonk Buy List because those are good businesses for the long term, but moved my other assets from a market ETF to cash. I did this after writing my article yesterday and am already very glad. I urge you to position yourself with a lot in cash as well, there is a good chance things may get worse.


Britain took some of the Wind out of president Bush's sails for his "surge" when they announced a pullout that will just about cancel the added American troops.

Meanwhile the administration continues to talk tough about Iran, even though they are finding little support at home.

Some in the media are finally beginning to review their own complicity in the run-up to Iraq...

..and yet it seems difficult to believe that the only shenanigans in the run-up that will see the light of day might be the Libby trial.
One powerful candidate is seeing some blowback from following the political surveys of pre-Iraq voting.


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