Thursday, March 01, 2007

Friday Tech Files

== RFID Staples ==

Swingline has floated an idea for RFID staples. RFID tags have become about the size of salt crystals (really, I've seen the new chips under a microscope). So the natural idea is how to get these everywhere.

So imagine it. Every time you staple something you get the opportunity to enter data on what the document is, then you can use an RF wand to track everything in a box or pile of paper. Soon you could google search and have it tell you where your records and documents are; "Shelf 2, Box 3". Many of us are getting along fine with just paper but 20 years from now maybe we won't know how people lived without this. Maybe your stapler will have a scanner and image the paper too so you have a thumbnail to search...

Status: concept

== For $60 you can be a hacker ==
This product should strike fear into the hearts of IT managers everywhere. Recently released by Solid Oak Software this little USB stick is a memory drive and much more. After configuring the special software it dumps a snoop program on any computer you plug it into. The snoop software allows you to view, recorded or in real time, all website acess, emails, and IM conversations.

Just keep in mind that there are very limited circumstances in which this is actually legal. Using it to snoop on your kids is fine and probably you could use it on employees work computers if your policies are worded right. Co-workers and other adults would probably result in you heading to jail.

If the logo is a bit obvious for you I bet you could try the now well known sugar trick to remove it. I love instructables.

Status: Available for $60 (link in the article)

== Perfect for the plane ==

Recently a few purchases have really made my work travel easier. One was the new Bose Quiet Comfort 3 headphones, which make for the quietest and more comfortable plane ride ever. Another was my IPod Nano which I typically plug the Bose headphones into. Now Logisys has a new widget that I am eager to try. It's the business end of an optical mouse on a finger harness with the optics replaced to let you use any handy surface to mouse on.

This is such a good idea I don't know why nobody did it before now!

Status: $19.99 and available now (linkage)
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