Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Mid - Week Comics

Time for the weekly review of editorial cartoons across the nation to get a taste of the non-financial news.


Rumsfeld has made a number of comments about "the enemy" manipulating the media. More than one member of the media has found this somewhat hypocritical.

Studies have now confirmed that the atmosphere at Ground Zero was damaging. The question remains who should deal with it.

After the US rejected the Kyoto treaty, many international observers have taken note that California has enacted Carbon controls at the state level. On environmental reform California initiatives tend to spread across the nation.

The last years worth of data on pay levels indicate that the low end workers have fared very poorly in this economic expansion. (It is worth noting that last week saw a report that contradicted this).

The Democrats would seem to have any number of ideal topics to leverage for this election cycle: Katrina, Iraq, deficits, etc... And yet they don't seem to be making much political progress.

Many federal programs give states money based on their own scoring of their educational progress. Perhaps unsurprisingly almost all states score themselves very well.

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