Friday, July 28, 2006

Double News Cartoons for the Week

My apologies loyal readers but I've had a crazy travel schedule and the internet connections available in some cities is apparently not so good (that or blogger was down, it could be either).

Since the news cartoons are by far the most popular event here, and since there has been so much news recently I decided to double up for this week. New week will be full of insightful analysis again, promise :)

Lots of artists have made the observation that Hezbollah's acts, while politically genius for their position, are very bad for the people of the area.

Meanwhile world leaders met at the G-8 meeting, where Hezbollah managed to seize much of the agenda.
I had to post this one. I've been reading on the plane about supply-side versus demand-side economics, and this is a pretty funny take on current policy.
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