Thursday, April 19, 2007

Friday Tech Files

Travel Passes Go Live
Clear Registered Travelers Fly Through Airport Security
Rejoice frequent travelers! The Fast Pass for airport security is now here. You can go here and start the enrollment process, which involves giving up a bunch of privacy for faster trips through airports. Some of us (like myself) who are already under a microscope due to our work shouldn't mind this a bit.

For enrollment they first take:
  • Driver's license number
  • Previous home addresses for the past five years
  • Social Security number
  • Alien registration number (permanent foreign residents only)
  • A current credit card
And then when you visit in person they check your ID and take your fingerprints and iris photos. The cost is currently about $100 per year.

E-Ink Watch
Seiko Electronic Ink Watch at BaselWorld 2007

E-Ink showed up in the Sony E-book (revealed here September of last year) and now the E-ink concept watch has become real. The above is a women's watch with either an "efficient" setting in which the time is shown in clear numerals or an "elegant" setting (shown) in which the time is somewhat hidden in delicate curls by the high resolution of E-ink. Right now it's still being used as a lure for the lux, as this watch costs $2,000 to buy, but we all know how technology goes so look for this to drop in price over the next few years.


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Anonymous Double Dubs said...

I was all ready to sign up with Clear - they are in JFK's United terminal that I go through every week. Unfortunately, I found out the FAA is giving out multiple contracts. Apparently, LAX, SFO and JFK all have different vendors - each with their own $100 fee. Decidied that until the FAA gets it figured out, I'll wait on the sidelines.

5:49 PM  

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