Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Mid Week Funnies

Time for the weekly review of news in the form of editorial cartoons.


Despite a scathing electoral rebuke showing that the voters really do care about Iraq, many republicans continue to unpleasantly politicize the war.

Meanwhile Iran pulled off a brilliant diplomatic move by inciting an incident and then diplomatically defusing it right as they declare violation of UN nuclear requirements. This move not only changed a lot of headlines and took control of the news situation, but by ending it peacefully and showing lots of video of humane confinement Iran made it politically much harder for anyone to move from diplomacy to force against them.

The Supreme Court ruled that the EPA can regulate greenhouse gases, which should force the administration to at least establish a policy instead of just saying it's out of government hands.

Meanwhile in Washington a surprising amount of fallout continues to follow the Attorney General after his political purge of US Attorneys.

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