Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Tech Files

Geeky stuff from the tech files combined with commentary on what it says about us and the trends that shape consumer buying.

The iPod is quickly becoming the defacto standard for people who want to build music-integrated items. Yet another reason to believe Apple has established a firm gorilla grip on the market. The backpack above is the O'Neill H2 series backpack from O'Neill Europe. The solar cells on the back provide power through a smart charger to power up cell phones, and iPod and/or GPS system through a USB interface which means presumably you could hook other stuff to it as well.

The iPod that hooks into the backpack is controlled by buttons on the backpack strap. A bluetooth system that's part of the backpack is connected to a microphone on the strap so you can voice command a call or answer a call, and it automatically pauses the music if you answer a call. Very cool. I wish I'd had this thing to charge up my gadgets when I was in Africa on vacation.

Today is a day for power gadgets. This is the "Freecharge Weza" from Freeplay. We've all seen those little battery packs you can use to start your car in an emergency. This is the same concept, except with the ability to recharge from your car or be powered up by stomping on the treadle (presumably lots and lots of times).

One neat thing about this is that you could use it to run a cooler or other gadgets outside and then power it up again either off your car while driving or by encouraging your kids or friends to tire themselves out by pumping on the foot pedal :)

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