Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Mid week comics

News review of the last week around the world... editorial comic style.

The Jon Benet Ramsey case took a bizarre turn when it turned out the man who confessed to the crime was making it up.

Iran has continued its wily game with the west. I guess they have read the presidents poll numbers and seen that he probably doesn't want a war...

People are talking about the end of the bubble because the national GROWTH in prices has declined. There has still never been a decline in the national average home price, so when that day arrives people will really take note.

The one year anniversary of hurricane Katrina saw much embarassed speechmaking by the administration...

Meanwhile in Iraq it may be that the lesson is that democracy can only form in places where people with power actually want it.

Korea has largely fallen out of the news despite July 4th rocket launches and a huge flood. Maybe they should try this...

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