Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Mid-week cartoons

Hello folks. I have been churning spreadsheets on the new inflation data and will have something significant to say about them tomorrow. In the meantime it is the weekly rundown of editorial cartoons from around the nation.

Joe Lieberman appears to have lost his run for re-election, and pundits blame it on his support of numerous republican war stances.

BP has had to shut down the Alaskan oil pipeline due to small cracks. Amazingly it seems they haven't been inspecting it much for the last two years despite record-breaking profits. Of course, shutting down the pipe actually BOOSTED profits in the short term by spiking futures markets.

Kansas continues to struggle with the idea of allowing science to be taught in schools. No offense folks but this is a national embarassment. We criticize Pakistan and Islamic countries for allowing religious madrassas to teach non-fact based views and beliefs, and then our religious extremists at home try to do the same thing.
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